I just felt like talking to the best songwriter I know.~Townes Van ZandtSource: telephone call
Tim Henderson is a poet who sees deep into the heart of Texas, and then puts that vision into some of the best folk ballads I have ever heard.~Darrell HarkinsSource: Dateline: Texas
Tim Henderson is just about my favorite Western songwriter.~Buck Ramsey
Any songwriter’s clinic should include a study of Henderson’s songs.~Lucky BoydSource: My Texas Music
I love your honey-throated songs, especially ‘In My Eyes’.  Please keep writing.~Kate Wolf
Tim Henderson’s songwriting tells a deep story of the people of the United States.  A song like “Echo of a Train” is just powerful.  And the best part is that it is just one of many brilliant songs he’s written.  What a treasure to have such an amazing collection of his music!~Dom Flemons
I keep trying to think of a more purely representative American Songwriter than Tim Henderson, and, frankly, I’m stumped.  There’s a bit of Robert Service in Tim; a dash of Louis L’Amour and a double shot of Mark Twain and Bret Harte.  I see them all in him, but as in all really original artists, all I see in the final analysis is purely Tim Henderson – and he ain’t for tradin’.~Tom Paxton
Tim relocated to Texas and became a successful songwriter, but he could still serve up strong flavors of his West Virginia birthplace, as you’ll hear in these old school ballads that bring to mind years of Appalachian tradition. There’s plenty of bitter-sweet, minor key emotion here, and hard edged truth in the characters they describe and the stories they tell.~Larry Groce
Tim Henderson writes the most incredible folk songs of our age.~Katie Lee
Townes Van Zandt turned me on to Tim Henderson. “Listen to this,” he said, and he cued up a song about gypsies that put us in stitches. Tim later admitted that it may have stretched the bounds of political correctness, but I don’t recall if that ever crossed our minds. An endorsement from Townes is gold standard. I can only add that Tim was a great guy to hang with, and, I’ll wager, one to run the river with too. He had wit, and a twinkle in his eyes.  He left behind an inspiring body of work, and like Townes, he was gone too soon.~Richard Dobson
Tim Henderson is a storyteller of a grand southwestern tradition of ‘tale-tellin’, and his ballads spring from a well that is equally deep – the long tradition of folk music.  He deeply loves and fully understands the remarkable people who inhabit his songs.  Beautifully crafted, Tim’s music takes us on a journey of laughter and whimsy, from wistful poetry to playful exaggeration – all the gift of Tim’s magical, masterful muse.~Peter Yarrow
Tim Henderson was at least four or five of the Top Ten Texas Songwriting Word-Wranglers ever.~Butch Hancock
Tim and I became friends on a moonlit Kerrville night many years ago…  His music has always impressed me as beautifully human, and Tim is a beautiful human being.~Townes Van Zandt
Easily one of the best American songwriters I've come across.~Stan Rogers